For me, it’s all about the in between. The days are long and exhausting often during the seasons of life we’d like to document the most. But the years are short. I’m beginning to attest to this part of the quote as well. Everyone loves holiday card smiles, but it’s the moment in between the smile and the escape when your kid glances up at you with a mischievous giggle that I want to catch too. The seconds of snuggles amidst twenty minutes of running wild that I will wait for also. Or twenty minutes of shyness followed by a few clicks of your babe really looking at me, sizing me up and deciding if she likes me. The expression that happens seconds after your future-spouse sees you for the first time, when emotion overcomes. The picture of you and your friends on a dance floor, drinks in hand, crazy in full force. All of these things are real and deserve documentation just as much as the formal pictures and the details. I’d also venture to guess it’s these in between captures, these imperfectly normal moments that are the ones that will bring the memories flooding back, after these short years have passed.

After almost ten years of marriage and two babies, my favorite wedding picture is one my photographer took during our formal portrait time as a couple. It’s not the one with the best lighting, and not the most flattering of either of us, but my husband is making a silly face, and I am just laughing at him, pretty hysterically. The thing that gets me about this picture is connection. I am so thankful my photographer didn’t let this moment slip by, but saw the value in our interaction and composed a beautiful image. Just looking at it brings me right back to that experience. That is what I strive to do in all of my photography, use what I know technically and emotionally to connect you to the present, so you’ll be brought right back to that moment and the important people in your life in one year, in ten years, in twenty years.